Together in need:
You relieve my selfishness,
And I your weakness.

by Gwennon
February 18, 2015

I wrote this for Lizzie, my oldest daughter, who a week ago was terribly distressed that she still hadn’t fully recovered from her cesarean section. Lizzie has a toddler and a three-week-old needy newborn. I told her that expecting herself to be fully recovered in that time-frame was not reasonable: she needs to give her body more time to heal. Wondering how I might encourage her, I pondered the message of this poem (expecting it to be much longer and wordier), until, finally, Wednesday morning, it wrote itself, strangely enough at the photocopy center, where I was waiting in line to print up a longer poem I had written the night before.

I pray this will be an encouragement to someone. I meant to post this earlier today, but was feeling unwell, and put it off until now. It’s now a bit late for the Friday haiku posting, but it’s too late to change that.