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People haven’t really lived
Until they get to heaven,
And they haven’t really died
Until they get to hell.
But we all get just one choice
In this life that we are livin’.
So, please be careful
And choose right well!

Because the joys in God’s House
Will be infinitely better
Than the sweetest things
We can find on earth.
And the pains in hell
Will be much more all-consuming
Than the cost of pride
Will be found to have been worth.

So, I’ll make my quest this question
As my time is fleeing by:
Will my choices help me LIVE –
Or will my choices make me DIE?

Since I have to make a choice
While this life I still am livin’,
I want to be careful
And choose right well.
For I’ll never fully live
Until I get to heaven,
And I’ll never fully die,
Unless I go to hell.

by Gwennon
January 31, 2015

For more information on eternity, you may read Matthew 25:31-46, and the last two chapters of the book of Revelation.