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‘Tis only the sheep need a Shepherd.
With shepherding, sheep may live well.
Without constant care from a shepherd,
Lost sheep may meander to hell.
Alone on their own,
They wander from home,
Meandering: aimless, pell-mell.

Each soul that is born needs a Shepherd.
Without Him, we cannot live well.
Though some claim no need for a Shepherd,
Alone, we fall under Sin’s spell:
In sorrows we groan,
While longing for home,
Until hope and comfort have flown.

Wake up now and call on our Shepherd,
Then follow His lead, and LIVE WELL.
Connected to Christ, our TRUE SHEPHERD,
We’re safe, loved, and treasured, as well:
No longer alone,
At home in God’s home,
Much more than mere mortals can tell.

by Gwennon
January 27, 2015

inspired by words from a reader