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.Deliver me! I do not want to go –
(Right now I want to simply stay inside!!!)
.Into the dangers and the cold of snow!
.Vexation is the feeling I will show
.If you insist I have to take a ride:
.No! No! Please, no! I do not want to go!
.Good drivers stay alive avoiding snow!
.Instead of going out, let’s stay inside!
.New flakes increase the dangers of this snow:
(Avoid this danger – happiness bestow!)
.Stability is lost, and cars collide.
.No wonder that I do not want to go!
.Outdoors we see great beauty here, although
.We can enjoy it safely from inside.
.So, save me now from traveling through snow.
(Theatrical I’m being here, I know:
.Outspoken with the fears I tried to hide.)
.Rough roads out there tell me I should not go:
.Misgivings rise with each new drift of snow.

by Gwennon on December 6, 2014

The above is a poetry form called an acrostic villanelle. It is a bit of extra work, and examples for perusal are few. This was my third completed attempt, although I have templates started for several others. The first was a sympathy card I wrote for a friend, and which I hope to eventually sell to Hallmark. I think it was a good effort. However, to make the acrostic easier to manipulate, I gave myself 14 syllables per line, a cumbersome practice I usually try to avoid. With the flexibility of extra syllables to work with, I did get it done. But I should add that I had the prayer support of perhaps a dozen different friends, and the labor stretched over 10 miserable (as far as writing goes) days.

My second acrostic villanelle was a sad little study in self-pity which I plan not to share any time soon.

Something is lost in the translation of typesetting for normal printing, and typesetting for blogging. In the original, to preserve and highlight the acrostic while separating the stanzas, I alternated between normal and italic typesetting. Then I chose a special font for each word in the acrostic. It was messy, and the left-hand margin kind of wandered a bit in spite of my best efforts, reminiscent to me of trying to drive straight on slippery snow.  Here I have added a period to a lot of lines to try to even the left margin, since I cannot simply add space and get away with it without the added space being auto-corrected out, but the effect is still pretty messy.  Sigh. On the first acrostic villanelle I completed, I separated the stanzas by alternating between blue and red print, then went back in and made each acrostic word uniform in color.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. You are in my thankful prayers.