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I could die in an airplane,
Or I could die in a car,
Or I could die simply walking,
Though I do not walk too far.

But I do not care to die like that,
Because it would be DULL!
Instead, I ‘d like to die
Enjoying favorite animals!!

Some dinosaurs must still exist –
With my luck, they eat meat! –
They’ll captivate me with their looks,
Then knock me off my feet.

I know I ought to take off then,
Though seeing them is FUN.
But, sadly, I’ll be easy prey:
Too happy there to run.

Don’t punish these poor dinosaurs
For making me their dish,
Since seeing them with my own eyes
Had been my dying wish!

by Gwennon – November 30, 3014

I once got my right arm trapped inside an animatronic triceratops when I was 14 and my parents had taken my brother and me to Mid-America Museum in Arkansas.

There is an element of humor here, but honestly, I do covet the prayers of every Christian I know right now. Something awful has happened, something over which I have had absolutely no control, but which (inconceivably to me) I could be held legally liable. The pain in my life (which I considered pretty heavy up to this point) may be about to increase up to 100-fold, and how frightened I am! Everything in me screams, “Get to a safe place while you still can!!!!” I think I might prefer to be eaten by dinosaurs (not crocodiles or alligators, which are so common, but by a T-Rex or something equally exotic), so long as the dinosaurs give me a quick, fairly painless death, than to face what I am facing now. I know that God is calling me to walk through the fire with Him. Please pray for me for courage. Thank you.