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for “Roosevelt”, who loves and forgives so much

I shot my best dog in the eye.
(I blame that juicy citrus fruit!)
The dog and I were both surprised!!

I do not say this course was wise;
I tell you here the honest truth:
I did not mean to shoot his eye!

A gal with such slim skills as I
Should find this very hard to do.
Slim skills, small target, BIG SURPRISE!!

I sprayed fresh orange juice in his eyes.
(I swear I never wanted to:
I never meant to shoot his eye!)

He blinked as orange juice filled his eye.
I begged forgiveness – wouldn’t you?
This was a very bad surprise!

We’d smiled into each others’ eyes
(Before I’d bit that juicy fruit,
The fruit that shot juice in his eye),
And, boy, were he and I surprised!

by Gwennon
November 19, 2014

Have you ever laughed and cried at the same time, while feeling terrible, and then feeling terrible that you didn’t feel more terrible than you did, while trying to ask forgiveness, and wondering if you could be forgiven while you were still laughing almost too hard to breathe? Sigh.