I’ve left my stomach at home today:
At home where it can rest or play.
It may decide
In comfort
There at home.

I gave my stomach THE WHOLE DAY OFF:
It works too hard to NEVER stop.
It had
Nearly dropped
And needed
All day off.

My stomach will not be forlorn:
A day off work it will nor scorn.
In fact, I think
‘Twill be reborn
And start again
Next morn.

by Gwennon
November 11, 2014

Have you ever noticed that some of the healthiest people give their stomachs regular time off? Contrast this idea with people you know who never let their stomachs rest.

Anyway, having plans to go see one of my favorite people in the world tomorrow, I concocted these lines as a gentle way to let her know that if she (as she often does) offers me something amazing from her kitchen, that although I will want to accept it, I will need to wait for a time so that I can kill out some things that are making me sick. Plus, to be honest, I have been making my stomach work a little too hard lately.

A mature person would probably simply set her mind to fast, not complain about it. But I am here to solicit your kindly prayers for my success. Completion of the fast will yield me a couple of new candles from my favorite store, which tells you about how far short I fall of the maturity I need. Sigh.

Praying for you today,