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Be my hero:
Heal the aching in my heart;
Be the comfort
That I feast on;
Fill me up
In every part:
Fill me up
To overflowing;
Fill me up
Until I glow;
Fill me up
‘Til all are knowing
It is God’s love
That I show.

by Gwennon
September 27, 2014

I wrote this at a “Captivating” retreat. At the retreat, we watched videos and materials from John and Stasi Eldridge, who wrote a book with the same title. It speaks about how our problems in life stem from our inability to see ourselves as Jesus sees us, and to then receive His healing love. This was my second “Captivating” retreat to attend, and I have to admit that the first time I went, my primary purpose was not to learn and grow, but simply to escape some painful circumstances for a weekend. Nevertheless, I learned a lot, and I think that God did a lot of corrective work in my heart over that first retreat. With this in mind, I went to this second retreat (basically a repeat of the same materials I had been exposed to previously) with a modicum of reluctance, wondering how I could possibly be helped by something I “already knew!” Boy was I in for a surprise. At every turn I found affirmation, healing, and restoration, and not only did the “old” material make more sense the second time around, it also went down easier. I would recommend it to any woman seeking Christ for healing.

Praying for you to find healing in Jesus today,