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For years we’ve been seeking
Our HEAVEN on earth:
Our own private Eden
We need never leave –
An Eden too small
To help others in need.
Such hope in this world

Has no lasting worth.
While dreamers lie resting
And taking their ease,
The poor and forgotten here
Fall to their knees,
As hopes in this life

Oh, Dreamers!
God never rewards selfish lives.
We must value others
Now hid from our eyes.
Ignoring their misery now
Is not wise,
If HEAVEN is truly

by Gwennon
September 19, 2014

Matthew 25:40 and 45 Jesus is talking at the Last Judgment here to the world about how we have treated those around us. You will notice a phrase something like “the least of these”. That could be translated into the people we value the least. In other words, how we treat the least important people in our lives is how we are treating Jesus now. If that thought doesn’t sober one up, I don’t know what would.

I would like to call anyone reading this to pray for Christians now being martyred in the Middle East. ISIS is going house to house in some of the villages, demanding that children renounce their faith in Jesus. None have. These children are being beheaded for their faith, while their parents are helpless to prevent it. Please pray for the children to be strong in their faith in Jesus. Please pray for the parents to hang on to their faith in Jesus and in God’s goodness even in the midst of terrible suffering. And please pray for the terrorists to come to saving faith in Jesus.

Thank you.