Tuning, tuning, endless tuning!
Too much discord here for crooning:
Discords carefully I’m pruning.
Strings contracting or expanding,
OR contracting AND expanding,
Soundboard giving or demanding,
(Way beyond my understanding!)
Never stable, ever changing,
Now demanding re-arranging,
Each small weather-change reflecting,
Uniformity rejecting,
One string not in tune with others
Compromises all its brothers;
Too much tension – or too little,
Tuning radius a riddle,
Strings all good, except the middle,
Tuner flashing truth unflinching,
As toward my goal I’m inching,
(Turning tuning key is wrenching!)
Can’t believe how good it’s sounding:
Joy in practice now abounding.
34 sweet strings for playing,
New-found perfect pitch displaying,
(Though long tuning was dismaying!)
Tuning never ends!

Attitudes, like all these harp strings,
Should be tuned before their pingings.
Jesus, stooping low, descending,
Now adjusting, stretching, mending,
(All this pain seems never-ending!)
Jesus loves and gives so freely
Through His eyes of faith I see me
Tuned in heaven: tuned completely –
Tuned as Jesus’ friend.

By Gwennon
September 1, 2014