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Living without heartbreak
Is a thing we cannot do:
A lie we try believing,
But we find is never true;
For heartbreak is
The substance that may selfishness subdue.
Yet, living without heartbreak
Is the life we all pursue!

In every life
The bitterness of heartbreak will accrue.
Though some is easier to take,
It pierces each soul through.
And yet we can avoid a bit
If to Christ we are true,
And passions for bad choices
We subdue.

So, life without some heartbreak
Can’t be found on this old earth,
For wickedness pursues us
Even long before our birth.
But holiness is calling, too,
A treasure of great worth:
Which calls us to depend on God
When pain is at its worst.

Let heartbreak lead to holiness,
Redeeming bitter pains;
Let heartbreak lead to Jesus,
Who has paid for all our stains;
Let heartbreak call us home to God
Until all that remains
Are holy souls who find – at last!—
That heaven we have gained!

by Gwennon
July 9, 2014