This is for my beautiful second mom, who has always loved me like I was always her own. You know who you are. I love you. Happy Mother’s Day!


The rage to fill the need ran wild –
For early I was motherless—
But now I am this kind one’s child.

In sorrow was I long exiled,
For nothing filled this emptiness:
The rage to fill this need ran wild.

When I was left unclaimed, and riled,
Consumed by loss and wretchedness,
She kindly claimed me as her child.

To what had been I reconciled.
I rose from loss to blessedness
(Though hunger from this need ran wild).

When losses on my heart were piled,
She looked on me with tenderness:
She loved me as her flesh-born child.

She saw my deepest heart – and smiled:
Her kindness healed my neediness—
Though sorrow used to run so wild—
I’m now this kindly Mother’s child.

by Gwennon
December 29, 2013