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I give You
My mustard seed,
Puny and small,
A granule of faith
That stands not very tall.
You promised
You’d hold me
And not let me fall,
Although all my faith
Is so small,
Although all my faith –
All my faith! –
Is so small.

I give You
This heart which lies
Broken in shards –
Except for
Some pieces all
Shriveled and hard –
In sickness
And sorrow
I make You
In charge.
Please show me
I’ve not sunk
Too far!
Please show me,
My Savior,
I’ve not sunk
Too far!

In weakness,
In sorrow –
And sometimes in strength –
We call upon Jesus,
Our heavenly Link.
From tending our needs here
He never will shrink.
Because to Christ
Beautiful treasures
We are:
In Christ Beautiful
Treasures we are.

by Gwennon
May 4, 2014