I’d like my own triceratops
To romp and play with me.
I’d walk my pet triceratops
For everyone to see.
I’d ask my Friend Triceratops
To step on bugs for me,
And then we’d eat our BLT’s
Up high in leafy trees!
My Gentle Trike would watch my house
And stomp and yell and shout,
And scare intruders from their skins,
If they should come about.
Yep! Having a triceratops
Would be a JOY to me:
The best-est, most perfected pet –
As anyone can see!

by Gwennon
February 23, 2014

As you can tell from this writing, I never quite grew up. I always suspected that might be the case, then had it confirmed some months ago while my son and I were Christmas shopping at a complex that offered donkeys and large goldfish for the shoppers to go visit. As the guide was telling us where to find them, he pointed out that they were on opposite corners of the compound, and I couldn’t help wondering aloud why that was: “So they won’t fight?” I asked. The poor guide blinked his confusion while I laughed myself silly, knowing he would never understand.

Someday, I would like to turn this poem into a beautiful children’s picture book, starring my grand-daughter as the narrator. I have a friend at church named Gwen who is an illustrator. But as we are both busy, that is a dream for another day.

Praying for you to find the joy God has for you today,