There’s water streaming down my face,
Though tears right now are no disgrace:
My Daddy left without a trace,
And grief has changed my face.

Yet that is not the total truth—
My Daddy could have died in youth—
Now Daddy’s dying seems uncouth:
I want more time, in truth.

My brokenness is not so strange,
For all may wish to rearrange
Those circumstances quickly changed
With loved ones now estranged.

So, my sad tale is nothing new:
And many feel just as I do,
For days without great pain are few,
And sometimes tears accrue.

My Daddy walks with Jesus now.
I must believe, but scarce know how.
I pray I can in heav’n be found,
Where joy in Christ abounds.

And Jesus then will dry my tears,
And pains that followed me for years
Will find their end and disappear
When love has conquered fears.

But that Good Day has not yet come:
To sorrows I again succumb.
My tears have left me sad and glum,
And more are sure to come.

by Gwennon
February 23, 2014

It seems that grief is kind of cyclical: that, like the tides, grief has its own ebbs and flows. On any given day, for a few moments, I may be crushed under the weight of heavy waves of grief. Yet, sometimes just minutes later, this fades, and I can see the sun and hope in the world again. It is good to know that Jesus knows our griefs and is well-acquainted with our sorrows when grief becomes too big a burden to carry alone. I like to read Isaiah 53, the “suffering servant” passage. It is good to know that God cares.

Praying that you will find God meeting you in your sorrows (and, especially in your joys!),