photo by Gwennon — March 23, 2014

Special Thanks to the Hospice Support Group who enabled money to buy me happiness here.

Rainbow’s End

I wandered, wishing for a plant
To help my sinking attitude,
Whose cheerfulness could gloom supplant
And raise me to a better mood.
I searched there, haunted by this thought:
The LORD had my small prayer forgot.

I finished up then left the store
Quite disappointed, I confide,
Assuming that my search was o’er,
Astonished by my find outside:
The most amazing, sweet surprise
Was waiting for my eager eyes.

The price they asked was more than fair –
For larger groups, it even dropped.
I gladly plunked my cash down there.
The joy I felt could not be topped:
For then my heart with pleasure filled,
Rejoicing in my daffodils.

by Gwennon — March 23, 2014

modeled after William Wordsworth’s “The Daffodils”