for the Peerless Tire Company

They found the problem right away
And hurried off to mend it.
They saved me cash I did not have
By helping me not spend it.

When I had lost the papers
And did not know what to do,
They honored their old guarantee
As if it had been new.

So, in the future when our aging
Tires start to bust,
My family will turn to these
Kind folks who earned our trust.

Their treatment of their customers
Will soon become renowned
Because when other hopes fell flat
They never let us down.

by Gwennon — September 30, 2012

About a year and a half ago, I went out to the car, expecting to drive to the school to pick up my daughter, when I noticed that one of the tires was flatter than the most depressingly-flat pancake.  My husband rushed from work to change it for me, and told me not to go to the closer tire store, which may or may not have provided this tire, but to go the longer drive to the tire store we had used the last time, even though I had lost the paperwork.  I was worried about the long drive, and prayed constantly the whole time until I safely arrived.  That was the first PTL moment.  Imagine my surprise when just minutes later, a cheerful workman handed me my keys and told me I was free to go.  “But what do I owe you?” I stammered.  He replied, “Oh, we recognized it as one of our tires, and it was still under warranty.”  What a blessing.  We have been going back ever since, and they have always treated us right.  AND they seem to have stores just like that all over the country.  Just in case you need tire service of your own done.  : )