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Now resting in a place of honor, bare,
Engaged in doing nothing – just for show—
Whacked over once again as, unaware,
This morning I grabbed something from below,
Resulting in the loss of several bones.
Imperfectly, on three small points he stands,
Courageous, with front legs and tail alone,
Eliciting a smile, for little hands
Relinquished this new treasure, giving Mom
A small triceratops tripod skeleton
Tricked out in rainbow water colored hues:
Ostentatious gift of love from my small son,
Prepared to give the best he had to one
Supposed to guard and keep it from abuse.

by Gwennon – March 14, 2009

for Damien, when he was 7 ½ years old

I have to smile every time I look at this little triceratops because this is my favorite dinosaur, and my husband and all our children know it. I am happy to report that since the writing of this poem, I have been much more careful with Damien’s thoughtful gift.

And I made a small discovery about myself: I now have a small but growing triceratops collection. (You all feel free NOT to add to it because I don’t have a whole lot of room. Maybe, after I get a small, lighted china cabinet, that will change.) For my birthday this year, my husband bought me the cutest orange plush triceratops you have ever seen, and two of the kids pooled their money to purchase – all the way from the United Kingdom! – two fossilized triceratops teeth. We took them out of their protective plastic cases long enough to carefully handle them (they do feel different from just rocks from the backyard), speculate about their precise positions in the mouth of the original animal, and we guessed the size of the animal (maybe four feet tall at the shoulder?) based on the size of these teeth compared to our own. It was actually a lot of fun.