modeled after
George Herbert’s “Gratefulnesse”

Thou Who forgiveth* SIN in me,
Forgive once more my hasty thoughts:
These selfish things that soon Your grace

I beg forgiveness evermore
Unworried to Your grace exhaust;
Yet, when I hurt, all thoughts of grace
Are lost.

Yet You forgive me constantly
On rainy and on sunny days;
For love and kindness always are
Your ways.

I need more of Your heart in mine
When pains my wounded heart confine
Until I know and practice love

by Gwennon
January 29, 2014

*-eth shows a continuing action: FORGIVE-eth means to be in the practice of continually forgiving, as God does, and which we want to imitate. My dad was especially good at this. 

Although I started out with the respectful term for addressing God: Thou, I was not able to continue in this format as this is not my normal term for addressing God when I pray. I expect that this may be true of other pray-ers.

Dear Friends,

My dad died this week. We were especially close, and he is the most important person I have ever lost to death. He was a Christian, and I believe he is with Jesus now, but the pain of losing him has been horrendous. He was 81, which was not exactly young. However, expecting him to live to be 100 – or at least 90 – I was caught by surprise. My brother was, too.  My sweet second mother had said something that hinted of the loss to come a few days before it happened, and later my brother seconded her concerns, but not wanting it to be true, I discounted their worried words, thinking it was just not possible to my dad to die any time soon.  I guess there is never a good time to lose a beloved parent to death. We will all miss my dad terribly.

Those of you who want to pray for us are welcome to do so.

I will try to start posting regularly in about a week, after things settle down a bit.

Thank you!