for my Baby Lamb

Our rifts caused many sighs and smarts.
I do not quite know what you want:
I think I may have missed your heart.

I do not want you to depart –
Oh, please, do not our difference flaunt.
This rift costs many sighs and smarts.

Let’s let this ugliness depart:
I see again that I was wrong,
And sadly then I missed your heart.

We seek to heal, but drift apart
While pride burns hot and sorrows taunt
Until again our rift yields smarts.

Let’s ask the Lord to healing start,
And give us love that covers wrongs
When we have missed each other’s hearts.

Old bitterness kept us apart,
But this is not what either wants.
These rifts have cost us sighs and smarts –
And we have missed each other’s hearts.

by Gwennon
October 19, 2013

“Love covereth”
“Love continually covers”
(King Jame English)

I Peter 4:8 NIV

“Above all, love each other deeply,
because love shall cover over the multitude of sins.”