The dreams she had were plentiful –
And plentifully shared,
Her audience held captive
As we ate our breakfast there:

The dinosaurs and dragons
That had tried to wake her up
Were catalogued in great detail
For those who sat to sup.

We never knew what kind of tale
Would greet us each new morn,
But dutifully we listened
To old news that was reborn.

by Gwennon
June 14, 2013

Now that the weather is so cold, I feel a bit nostalgic for old school days, when my first mom was still healthy and alive, and used to entertain us in the mornings at breakfast with the most outrageous stories based on dreams of the previous night. Some of the plot-lines were more interesting than television.

My first mom is dead, and has been for 22 years. I have a lovely second mom whom I love deeply and wouldn’t trade for the world. But there are times when I just can’t stop missing my first mom.  (And my second mom understands this, somewhat, because she lost her own mother within a few months — perhaps only weeks — of the time I lost mine.)

Love well the loves you have while you still can, my friends!

Praying for you to enjoy your lives where you are today,