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(a dream for my children)

A perfect, pure, unblemished love,
Untouched by other hearts,
Unhindered by unfinished games
And ready now to start:
This life-long love they waited for
Will bless them every day:
Giving joy, and even more:
Great freedom from dismay.
Regrets and sorrows may be theirs,
But not by careless choice
To toss aside their innocence
To follow this world’s voice.
No. They have paid for love up front,
And now they can enjoy
Their love in peace and well-earned trust:
Protected, blessed joy!
They thought, at times, the wait was long –
Perhaps, in fact, in vain –
While others all around them
Rushed into the arms of pain.
But, persevering, they pressed on –
They waited for God’s best –
A love with unspoiled happiness,
By old guilts uoppressed.
So, now upon their wedding day
This couple can begin
A precious union built by God:
An Eden free from sin.

by Gwennon
October 20, 2008

Of course, the very best poems need no interpretation. But at the risk of dwelling a bit too much on the work of my own hands, I would like to add a very thorough interpretation to this poem, which some of you may not actually need. If that is the case, there is always the “circular file”.

But, for those who want a little more information, here it is:

LOVE is paid for either up front, using “cash”; or later, using “credit” in much the same way, and with many of the same results we get using these method for store purchases.

Cash” in the case of LOVE would be the many endless emotional investments of prayerful waiting and self-denial that sometimes seem to yield no immediate return – somewhat like building up a savings account without spending the money until enough has accrued for the much-anticipated “big purchase”. So, it should go without saying (but often does not) that the LOVE-er is very careful to guard both his (or her – oh how English has deteriorated since I was a child!) heart, the heart of the LOVE-ee, and the heart of the person whom the LOVE-ee may end up marrying if the LOVE-er turns out to be not a very good match after all. There is a lot of “paying for love up front” in this circumstance. But I have heard and read that the pay-off for those who let God write their love story is incredibly sweet, compared to the many pains and heartaches that those who have forced their love story have had to pay for later.

Credit”, on the other hand, is the “anything goes, so long as I get what I want, even if I know it costs you something you are not prepared to give” mentality so prevalent in the modern dating world.

An example of the “credit” style of paying for LOVE was lived out right in our neighborhood many years ago by two people whom I will now call “Shania” and “Jack”. [Let the reader understand that in my entire lifetime, I have never actually been closely acquainted or associated with anyone by these names.] Although many of the details of their story remain unknown to me even to this day, I do know that Jack and Shania lived together for several years before they finally got married. It seemed that Shania was a bit uncomfortable with this arrangement, but she held on to the hope that she and Jack would eventually marry, and whatever personal problems they had with each other would straighten out on their own.

They did not straighten out on their own.

Soon after the wedding, Shania was telling me of joyful plans for special family days with Jack. Days that often ended in disappointment. Jack was strangely distant with Shania, although, as far as any of us could tell, nothing visible had changed since their wedding.

From what I could tell, you couldn’t find more kindly or generous people in the world than Shania and Jack. Cheerfully, they would give you the shirt off their back, if you needed it, and on several occasions, when we had problems with the car or our house when the rest of the world was asleep, Shania and Jack were the people we called, because they were always glad to help. They would never purposely defraud anyone.

Yet they had managed, through no planning of their own, to defraud each other of trust and security in their marriage. They had failed to build good foundations. And now they were paying for it.

Some time before we became acquainted with Shania and Jack, a lady stood up at church to give her testimony about what God had been doing in her life. He had apparently been doing some amazing things. But one item was on a very slow track. She and her husband had lived together two years before they married. And, she continued, they had worked the entire 18 years of their marriage up to that time to rebuild the foundations that had been destroyed while they lived together.

Please understand, my friends, that I say these things not to condemn you, if you have fallen here because we all need a Savior. I personally keep finding out in surprising and painful ways on a regular basis how very much I need a Savior myself. Since we know that we have a Savior, let us do two things: rejoice that we have a Savior; and “go and sin no more”.  God is more than able to help us here if we seek Him for wisdom and strength.  And He has such compassion for the penitent.  There is no condemnation for those who seek Him.  He loves us better than anyone else can.  Will you trust His love for you today?

My intent here is to highlight the idea that there is, indeed, a better way than many of us have chosen, and that for those who long for a better way, God has made one, thought a costly one, available for those intrepid souls who are not afraid to sacrifice themselves in order to win for themselves and future generations the very best God has to offer.

Praying for God to help you make decisions that bless your future,


P.S. Here are some recommended resources:

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