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Depressions in the ground there call to mind
Inordinately large creations there
Not knowing how to get to safety where
Outrageous rainfall threatened every kind.
Such terror for the ones who fell behind!
Astonishing, the power of the waves!
Unknown escape from what would be their graves.
Renewed awareness when the diggers find
These fossils that were laid down in the mud:
Reminders of God’s judgment on the world –
And also of His grace through Noah’s Ark:
Corrupted world destroyed through world-wide Flood:
Kaleidoscope of pain, loss, death unfurled,
Survived by those who lived to disembark.

by Gwennon
June 2008

Did you know that there was no rainfall on the earth before Noah’s Flood? This is something I was not aware of until mid-high school. At a Christian camp (I think it was at the Summit Ministries camp in Colorado where I heard it the first time), one of the teachers pointed out that the Bible mentions early in Genesis that there was no need for rain because God had implemented an irrigation system using water vapor, but no rains. You can read about this in Genesis 2:5-6

And in other news, according to Dr. Carl Baugh of the Creation Evidences Museum of Glen Rose, Texas, “gopher wood” was not an actual type of wood, but rather was a special lamination process in which very thin layers of wood were glued up into a huge piece of lumber that became stronger than steel.

For years, this was a puzzle to me, because the Bible itself never explained it. But, in college, one of my Bible professors told us that if there is something we don’t understand in the Bible, we should just entrust it to God, and obey the parts we did understand. We were assured that there would be plenty of things we could understand even when we didn’t know it all (which, apparently, never comes in this lifetime). Later, another Bible teacher said, “Obedience unlocks the understanding.” That is to say, when you obey the parts of the Bible that you do understand, God rewards you with greater understanding of the rest of it. Conversely, if you refuse to obey the parts of the Bible that you do understand, over time less and less of it will be understandable to you, until the whole thing appears to be just a collection of folk tales and nonsense. So, don’t disobey yourself right out of Biblical belief. Belief in God is a gift to be cherished and carefully guarded.

Having said all that, I would love to return to the teachings of Dr. Baugh, whose teachings are accessible in several places online. Having given a cursory view of one of these places, it seems that Dr. Baugh is a bit of a controversial character to some people. But my experiences with Dr. Baugh have been only helpful, and I consider him to be one of the great mentors and protectors of the faith in my life. Without his teachings, I don’t know that I would have appreciated the importance of the creation world view, or some of the many evidences there are for that for those who are willing to seek them out.

Enough sermonizing for one post?

Praying for you to seek and find God through the beauties and wonders of His amazing Creation,