God the whole wide world befriended
(Flat refusals NOT commended!)
When His Son from heav’n descended.

Seekers got their sins rescinded
When on Jesus they depended:
God the whole wide world befriended.

God came near and gently tended
Wounded souls whose guilt He ended
When His Son from heav’n descended.

Jesus all our faults transcended,
Paid our debt as His life ended:
God the whole wide world befriended.

Grace to meek souls condescended.
God our brokenness there mended
When His Son from heav’n descended.

God’s great love to us attended.
Though some friendships will be ended,
God the whole wide world befriended
When His Son from heav’n descended.

by Gwennon
October 14, 2013

This is my second attempt at the villanelle poetry form. The first attempt used a Dylan Thomas poem as a template, which had a repeating ABA rhyme scheme. But in these end words, having so many rhyming words to match them, the possibilities for alternate rhymes was a non-issue, and made the writing of this particular specimen a lot of fun. In fact, I am still enjoying happy brain-chemicals from the process. (Some years ago, my children asked me to PLEASE stop telling people that writing makes me high. Sigh.)

The villanelle is an amazingly fun poetry form because the first and third lines repeat themselves three times (for a total of four lines for the price of one here) throughout the poem. So, once you have decided on your first and third lines, you have completed eight-nineteenths of the work already (besides the re-writing part), which is almost half the work knocked out right there. But what are a few unequal fractions amongst friends?

Special thanks to Mr. Matthew Pullar, who introduced his readers to the villanelle poetry format last week on his blog mpullar.com “The Consolations of Writing: words to bridge the gap between faith and life”!  Everyone who loves good poetry ought to be reading Mr. Pullar’s blog.

You know, I think sometimes that writing actually does make me high. Please don’t tell my kids I told you that.

I feel particularly accomplished this morning. Through no fault of my own (especially since it is a national holiday, and we all planned to sleep ridiculously late today), I woke up egregiously early, and staking a secure claim to the washer and dryer, started two loads of clothes for myself. While drinking various vitamin blends and teas, I lied to myself through a whole list of accomplishments about how I was going to return to bed “soon!” when I finished this or that. Instead, I washed, folded, and put away two loads of laundry (putting away is the important part – if you don’t do that, you haven’t DONE your laundry!), spent some time praying and reading my Bible, spent some quality time with the dog, washed (and put away) several dishes, let the dog out after the sun rose (because you never know what might grab you in the dark if you’re not careful! Even the dog gets scared out there sometimes), worked on this poem, AND (drum roll, please) finished crocheting a Christmas potholder for my mom, plus started another one for a friend. The life of a stay-at-home mom with a short attention span is often full of disorganization, which must be constantly battled, and this morning for a very pleasant and unexpected change, I have prevailed over my schedule. So, I beg your indulgence now.

Praying for God to bring you joy in your daily pursuits,