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The demons I cannot outrun
Have risen in my thoughts:
Reminding me of trusts undone
And failings I’d forgot.

I feel my spirit withering:
I hover on the brink
Of heavy, deadly unbelief,
Though faith still seeks to speak.

How can I brave these warriors wild
To make them go away?
I must remember I’m God’s child,
And then to Jesus pray,

“Lord, help me in this battle here!
Please hold me by the hand.
Please speak life that can conquer FEAR.
I need Your help to stand.”

He swiftly hurries to my aid:
God’s Kind and Precious Son,
And speaks to what had me dismayed,
Dismissing every one.”

by Gwennon
October 6, 2013

“Taking every thought captive” – II Corinthians 10:5
Seems like this is something we need God’s help to do.

Praying for you to find comfort in Jesus when you are feeling overwhelmed,