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The torture was just awful,
‘Til I thought I’d go insane,
When the thought came down (from heaven?)
That I might redeem my pain.

The feelings that I had then
Never were unique to me,
But shared with other hurting souls
I was too blind to see.

My pain could drive me to my knees
To intercede for those
Who, although all unknown to me,
Were sharing these same woes.

The sorrows that with bitterness
Reluctantly I tasted
Could serve a higher purpose
And in this way not be wasted.

The people I may never see
Who suffer as I do,
May one day come to Jesus
Through the sorrows they go through.

They need hearts of compassion
Who can pray them to the LORD,
So that, not only bodies here,
But souls can be restored.

So, when these opportunities
To pray have come again,
I’ll pray for those who hurt like me,
And so redeem my pain.

Then when this life is over,
I may meet a few of these
That God united through our pain
And prayers on bended knees.

We’ll praise the LORD forever,
And we’ll marvel what was gained:
Eternity of blessing
That began with bitter pain.

by Gwennon
August 28, 2013

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Praying for God to give you joy in the midst of your pains today,