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The King Who suffered taunts for me
Now carries me through pain.
For me He suffered cruelty,
Yet heals me once again.

Surprisingly that He can still love me,
After all I’ve put Him through.
But day by day He loves me still,
And also loves you, too [Alt.: And Jesus loves you, too],
God loves you, too!

The King Who was accused all night
Is making my world right,
Who could have stopped things with a word,
Which was not ever heard. (Back to REFRAIN)

So, now I put my trust in Him,
Whatever life may bring:
I look to Him for strength and joy,
His praises I will sing. (Back to REFRAIN)

SECOND REFRAIN (Sing once after first REFRAIN)
He loves me through all of my trials,
And He gives to me His rest.
He’s proven that He holds me dear,
This Friend Who loves me best,
Who loves me best.

by Gwennon,
September 6, 2013

This poem can be sung as a song using a beautiful melody written by Matthew Pullar (mpullar.com) THE CONSOLATIONS OF WRITING, from his post “For Mercies Countless as the Sands” in which he adds this beautiful, original melody to words written by John Newton. Mr. Pullar has graciously given me his permission to use his melody here. It is such a beautiful melody, I was a bit worried he might not want to share it. If you like his melody as much as I do, please be sure to leave a kindly comment on Mr. Pullar’s blog. Thank you.

This poem came on the heels of a very difficult trial, Friday, one that I thought I might not be able to endure. For a while, I surely was not enduring very gracefully. Finally I told myself that if my faith was real, and if Jesus really was everything to me, then I needed to act on that. In my spirit, I began to proclaim, “Jesus, You are everything to me. You are my life.” I said some other things besides this, but don’t remember what they were. My goal was just to change my focus. I was not at all expecting any kind of rescue. At least, not an immediate one. But just a few words into my silent confession, God turned the situation around completely. I was amazed. Then, three hours later, to remind me of how He was working in my life, He gave me the words to this little song.

I have a very kind acquaintance (a mentor to my daughter and her husband – in fact, he preached their wedding; and his wife was one of the wedding coordinators, along with my middle daughter) who has a recording studio. He is very good at what he does. If the Lord wills, I hope to go to said recording studio sometime before the end of the year to record this song, plus one I wrote earlier, and post them to this blog. Anyone who wants to pray for this endeavor is free to do so now. Let me be the first to assure you that this will not hurt my feelings at all!

Praying for God to open your eyes to His great love for you,


Psalm 34:4 “He has delivered me from all my fears.” Thank you, Jesus! (This was the Gwennon Translation of a slightly longer verse.)