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My life-line is a nail-scarred hand
That draws me to God’s heart.
The suffering I bring to Him
Won’t move Him to depart.

Instead, He leans in closer,
Gladly hearing all my cries,
For brokenness of spirit
Jesus never will despise.

And on my sunny days,
He gladly listens to my joys,
Rejoicing right there by my side –
To love me well: His ploy.

So, any time I turn to Him,
His treasure is my store,
And hand-in-hand, I’m safe with Him –
And safe forevermore.

by Gwennon
August 28, 2013

Dear Friends, for years I did not know truly what it means to lean on Jesus. These were nice words. But I didn’t know what they meant.

Well, I am starting to learn now. A couple of years ago, when I was sitting down at the front of the auditorium to play the harp (by ear, because reading music and playing at the same time is currently light-years beyond me) for a theater group, I was nearly overcome with panic. The strings of my harp started to blur, and all the music went right out of my head. I thought I might fall over right then and there from pure, undiluted panic.

Immediately, because there was no time to lose, I started praying, “Jesus, hold my hand! Help me. If You don’t put music into my head, and into these fingers, I’m going to fail impressively right here and now. Help me, Jesus, help me, Jesus, help me Jesus!” Under my faltering fingers, the music began.

In my heart, there was a whisper: “Play only for ME. Don’t think about any of these people.”

“Okay,” I said to myself. “I’ll just play for an audience of One.” As time passed, I began to be more and more relaxed and my fingers walked, then danced through the strings, and the music became as beautiful as I had ever hoped. By the end of the performance, I was enjoying the music as much as if I were merely another audience member, and someone else was playing.

And I knew that God had carried me.


My prayer partner, Gail said, “You need to ask Jesus to carry you like that through all your hard times the way He did in this particular instance, instead of struggling so much on your own.”

I have been meditating on that ever since.

Then, there came an impressive time to really put those words into practice on Sunday, when (drum-roll, please) THE SUPER-SIZED IGNITOR OF MY IRRITABILITIES was activated. Instead of complaining, as I often have done (and without ever finding any real relief through this means), I started telling my sorrows to God right then and there. “If You don’t put more love in my heart, and help me to forgive, and help me to focus on something else – SOON – I may just die of this irritation right now,” I told Him. “Help me, Jesus!” I continued. “You have to help me love and forgive like You do. I need You to help me now!!!” If you imagine these words on a fast, continuous soundtrack, you may have a small glimpse of my struggle.

I did not stop asking God for help.

But later, before I realized what had happened, my spirit had calmed, I was focused on something else, and the irritant was starting to fade. Praise the Lord!

This verse came to mind this morning as I was capturing the lines for this poem:

Matthew 11:28-30 “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

Praying for you to trade in your heavy burdens for God’s easy one today,