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for “Milly” (not her real name)

To die is sad, but sadder still
Is dying far from God,
For death is not the end of life,
But leads to homes abroad:

To lovely homes for people who
Have put their trust in God.
But wretched homes await poor souls
Who gave Christ little thought.

Hell also waits for people who
Loved God, but turned away,
For God won’t force His enemies
To in His presence stay.

Death’s just the door to something more –
It never was THE END –
Choose Jesus now and you will be
Eternally my friend.

by Gwennon
August 24, 2013

I hope this doesn’t sound heartless.  I don’t mean it to be heartless.  What seems heartless to me is allowing people to die without giving them the knowledge of God and opening their eyes (or trying to) to the ends of the roads where their current choices are taking them.  I have a friend who always said after a funeral, “Well, at least their suffering is over now!”  But that wasn’t true.  My friend’s suffering through the dying of her friend was now over.  But if the friend chose to spurn God’s love, then the suffering of the departed one had only just begun, and to a degree that he (or she) had never known even on his darkest days here, AND with no hope of a change once his course was set.  Now is the time, dear fellow pilots-of-life, to make necessary course corrections and make sure our lives are flying straight and level, because once a crash occurs, the time for course corrections has long passed.

Praying for God to show you how much He LOVES you today,