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Chosen, valued, loved, forgiven,
Saved, and on the road to heaven.
Chosen, valued, loved, forgiven,
Loved by the Divine.

Recognizing lying voices
Learning to make better choices.
Rescuing from lying voices,
Jesus holds me close.

Wounds that festered, deeply hidden,
Sorrows that arose, unbidden,
Wounds unseen and deeply hidden,
Healing find in Him.

Parts of me that lay, misshapen,
Now becoming new, unbroken,
Thoughts that used to rise, misshapen,
Living whole again.

Resting, soaking in God’s goodness,
Curses lost, retrained to bless,
Peace found only in God’s goodness,
Christ, my righteousness.

by Gwennon, November 2012

This is a poem that I wrote after reading the book Words Unspoken by Elizabeth Musser. It is a novel that speaks to the ways that God cares for us even when we don’t see Him at work. My prayer partner, Gail, had leant the book to me, and I have not yet returned it to her. Anyway, to make a short story long, at the end of the book, I found these words: CHOSEN, VALUED, LOVED, FORGIVEN.

I have to tell you that I am usually not a person to lay a book aside when I am just a couple of paragraphs away from finishing it, even if dishes or laundry are calling me urgently. But that is exactly what I did when I read those words. Immediately, I dug out a heavy, gold-metallic marker, and wrote the words CHOSEN, VALUED, LOVED, and FORGIVEN in large print on my closet door, where I can see them every day.

Some time later, I am not sure how long, but definitely before my harp recital last December, the poem came together, and I was able to distribute copies of the poem to my audience.

This poem is also in a different style of writing than I typically use, and I have never written a poem in this format either before or since. I don’t even yet have a label for this particular format, except to say that it is a poem written in stanzas. Beyond that, I am unsure how to categorize it.

Although I had started in April with good intentions to read, study, and memorize Judson Jerome’s excellent book The Poet’s Handbook, which illustrates all kinds of poetry and shows the reader templates for his own writings, I soon cast the book aside as I was — for several weeks — too busy writing poetry (many of which new poems are still not yet typeset or added to my official portfolios), to study it. Sigh.  This was truly the gift of God, and I am very grateful for it.  But Mr. Jerome’s book is an excellent book to have on hand for anyone planning to write poetry, or wanting to understand poetry better as a whole.

Praying for God to do something redemptive for you today,