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Begrudge me not these healing tones I crave:
Eternal hymns of praise and victory
Announcing Jesus’ willingness to save
Unworthy souls just longing to be free.
Topography of greater joys to come:
Immortal giants in earth’s history
Forever celebrating God’s dear Son:
Utopian ideals’ REALITY.
Like-minded hearts engage in precious praise:
Materialization of pure grace—
Unlike the strife which from hell overflows—
Surpassing joy as here on earth we raise
Increasing hope and purpose to erase
Convincing lies surrounding us below.

by Gwennon
March 15, 2009

I would love for readers to note the contrast between beautiful music and the noise produced by the “miserific vision” mentioned by the evil uncle in C.S. Lewis’s Screwtape Letters.  The best music should always draw our hearts to heaven and call us to note the kindness and generosity of a thoughtful Creator, Who loves to give His children beautiful things to enjoy.

Praying for you to enjoy the beauty that God provides for you,


James 1:17