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The night dragged weary, bleak, and long,
But now the day erupts in song:
Sweet Harmony is here:
Our precious baby dear!

And this will be our prayerful song:
That God would make this baby strong
And work so she can hear
His calls upon her ears.

While God makes this dear baby strong,
We’ll teach her to know right from wrong
And make God’s teachings clear
To her we hold so dear.

Her heart to Jesus will belong,
And He will be her strength and song,
Unmoved by storms or fear,
To Jesus ever near.

Because He is her strength and song,
Her faith in God grows true and strong,
And she will hold Him dear
Whom others only fear.

by Gwennon, May 30, 2013,
aka “Nana” to my grand-daughter “Harmony” (who inconveniently changed her name after she was born – Sigh!)

This poem is different from the others I have written.  Note the repeating AA,BB rhyme scheme, as well as the metrical pattern of 8 and 8, then 6 and 6 syllables in each stanza.