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Still there to see the love of God,
Although they can’t respond.
Still there, though hardly recognized
As those we leaned upon.
Such time has passed that roles have changed
And lives are rearranged.
The ones who once gave care must now
Receive – and find it strange.
But not so strange as those who give
And give with no return,
Now heaping love and time and work
On those who sometimes spurn
The very ones who care for them
Because they cannot see
The work that now is done for them
So they won’t cease to be.
Oh, let us now remember these
Who make the world go on
For those dependent on their care,
Who often feel alone.
The Lord God sees the work you do
Which others fail to see:
His great “Well done!” will follow you
Through all eternity!

for my friend, Terry, who gives so much to so many

who do not see her many sacrifices,

and for my own second mother, now caring for my dad,

without all the help she needs

by Gwennon
May 26, 2013, 6:10 pm