The home they began with
Was just the right size,
But the kids as they grew
Got a shocking surprise:

The house was too small now
For such a large brood:
It was time for a change;
So, the young ones must move.

Their parents now urged them
To go stretch their wings,
Examine the world,
And discover new things.

This message, it seemed,
Was not too well received;
In fact – if you ask me –
The children were grieved.

They left for a time,
But then swooped by again,
Noisily squawking
Their need to get in:

Impatient young swallows
Lined up in a row,
Wanting back home,
And with no place to go,

They pushed and they shoved,
Making noisy requests,
Each seeking a chance
To get back in the nest.

by Gwennon
July 16, 2009