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A show of strength and gracefulness
Was ours to feast upon:
Cave swallows scissoring the air,
Appearing – then just gone!

So fearless as they rose and fell
Before the cave’s wide mouth.
I wondered what they did right there:
Just what were they about?

Now circling, twirling, climbing high –
Now falling, diving down –
With daring dives and fearless climbs
They drew our eyes around.

Could they be hunting tiny things
Too small for us to see?
Or does great joy compel their flight
And virtuosity?

No matter! We delighted to
Behold these wondrous birds,
Though for a moment, it is true,
Their flight paths seemed absurd.

by Gwennon
July 27, 2013

For the lovely cave swallows of Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico,
who, as we later learned, were out hunting and eating the nasty mosquitos
and other bugs that otherwise would have been eating us.
This was purely the grace of God. Isn’t God good? ALL THE TIME!