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Briefly, perfectionism, summer, and birthday season.  We have now entered a 7-week season of a birthday, our anniversary, and a cluster of birthdays that will not conclude until the end of August.  So, now, my posts are becoming ever more sporadic and whimsical, and look to continue so until school begins again and we all get on a more rigid schedule.  Also, a couple of poems are accompanied by photos that I have yet to learn to take, then transfer to the computer.  I have several acrostic sonnets currently in progress.  If any of you want to pray for me to complete a few of these, that would be lovely and would not hurt my feelings at all.

I should also be honest and tell you that since I have built several of my acrostic sonnets around the actual names of my children (instead of the names that my reading public knows them by), I will probably withhold them from online publication and just save them for the acrostic sonnet book I hope to put together and publish within the next five years, if not sooner.

Later today, if all goes well in my housekeeping schedule, I hope to post a fun surprise for you.

Keep your eyes on Jesus!  We serve a great God!

Hoping to post again later today, and praying that this is a good day for you,


Psalm 20 — I love to read this chapter in the ESV because it really captures the blessings poured forth in this particular psalm.  Maybe it will encourage you as well.