The teenage girl had lost it all
Because of Dad’s new job,
And on her knees she’d sometimes fall
In sorrow there to sob,
Until one day she saw a sight
To cheer her saddened heart:
A gaggle of good-looking guys
At this: the grocery mart.
The firefighters back at home
Were tough and strong and brave,
And any time a fire approached,
Great crowds by them were saved.
But let’s be honest, Guys,
This girl was not moved by their beauty,
Though all of them were strong and wise
And always did their duty.
But when at last she left her all
At home so far away,
Her lonely eyes today did fall
On these, who made her day:
A group of men both young and strong,
So pleasing to her eyes:
Young firemen in uniform,
Her heaven-sent surprise.
So, Gentlemen, remember this
When you are feeling down:
Your very presence in this place
Has banished many frowns.

by Gwennon
Summer 2008

This poem has been retrieved for your reading pleasure from (drumroll, please!) “The Forbidden Poetry Portfolio”, a small-but-outrageous
collection of poems that is so shockingly embarrassing
that my family will be reading it for the very first time
here on this blog.
Five years ago, my friend Tanya (her real name)
Helped me to mail a copy of this poem
To the men who inspired it.

However, lest you think I am a very mean mom
(I’m only slightly mean),
I did get “Lizzie”’s permission
Before posting this poem here.
After asking her several times if I could write about her,
And receiving her permission,
I have written a lot of stuff.
But, just to be on the safe side,
I asked her once again yesterday.
She said it wasn’t a problem.
I think she is right.
Because the only people reading this blog who know her
Are my mom, my prayer partner, and my cousin,
And they already knew that the only thing she gained in our last move
Was “better-looking firemen at the grocery store!”

Now, whenever we see firemen in the market place,
We poke each other in the ribs, sighing,
“If only Lizzie was here to see this!”
Of course, now that she is married,
This is not nearly as important as it used to be.

Let me just say, though, this poem may be here only for a limited time, because if Lizzie sees it and is greatly displeased, I will remove it at her request.

Now, you really aren’t going to believe this, but Lizzie and her baby just came over for a short visit.  So, I showed her this poem.  And she laughed and said she loved it.  You cannot know what a relief that was!!!  A true PTL moment!

Praying for you to find the joy God has for you today,