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The torches in the sparkling cave
Brought extra light inside:
Enough to show the icy waves
In which the creatures dived:
First penguins – taller than a man –
Then bears with shaggy fur;
Now followed by a man and wife
Exploring their new world.
A boring place? NO! Not at all!
Adventures everywhere:
Contentment and companionship
For one and all to share.
Because the kindly architect
Of all they saw and knew
Had generously dreamed and made
Great things for them to do.
The One Who made their hearts for joy,
Who made both fire and wood,
Who knew these things would bless their lives,
Provided all things good:
He furnished and improved a cave –
A special, ice-cold treat –
Much more than they could dream or build,
To make their home complete.
And so, for just a time they came
To dive and swim and splash,
Until sin came and rocked their world
And these good times were dashed.
You may call this “just fantasy”:
I was not there – nor you;
But you can’t say with certainty
“This couldn’t have been true”!!

by Gwennon
July 20, 2013

Months ago, as I stood in line at the post office to mail a Christmas package to my parents, I overheard some patrons talking about Adam and Eve not having fire. Well, I was shocked.

Unlike the straw-man, ignorant, foolish, fake deity unbelievers set up to just knock down with feeble arguments, why would the true and loving God withhold something that the people He created needed? Although Adam and Eve ate only raw food in the beginning (this was one of the reasons for their long lifespans), they must have had fire for daily living. God, of course, would be The One to have given it to them.

Argumentative soul that I am, I couldn’t help bursting out, “Of course they had fire! And an ice cave, and penguins, and pet polar bears!” Thus, the seed for this poem was planted. One of my favorite things to contemplate is the Garden of Eden, which I ponder daily, along with Noah’s Ark, dinosaurs, sin, salvation, Jesus, and eternity.

But the other ladies weren’t used to thinking about the beauties and perfection of the newly created world. My comments made them uncomfortable, and as quickly as possible, they changed the subject.

Yet, just in case we didn’t get it the first time, in speaking of Creation in Genesis, after each step of the process, God said, “And God saw that it was good.” When God calls something good, it’s a good bet that He may be understating – rather than exaggerating – the goodness He is describing.

Having suffered the multi-generational loss of intelligence that has been creeping in over the centuries of sinful humans living in a fallen world, most people cannot imagine the absolute beauty and perfection that was Eden. But we all long for it. (Honestly, don’t you daydream in your secret heart of a much better reality than you are living now?) And heaven will be even better than Eden. Don’t you want to go there?

Do you know today that God loves you and that His plans are for your good?

Praying for you,