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We need a bat to eat the bugs
That fill our house each day.
How we would love our own tame bat
To feast here every day!
And then upon these flying pests
Our special bat would prey,
Until they heard that he was here,
And then they’d fly away.
So, after that, we’d have to buy
Some bat food every day
To substitute for all the nasty
Bugs we drove away.
My flying pests, please do take note:
I have a plan in hand
To go adopt a nice tame bat
To do as I command!

by Gwennon
August 26, 2008

This is one of my favorites of all the poems that I have written because I love the idea of “a nice tame bat” — which is impossible here in “the real world” we live in now.  But I imagine that in Noah’s Ark, there were a couple of sweet, agreeable “nice tame bats” that were very pleasant company for everyone.  And I pray that God will allow me to have a special bat friend in heaven someday.  To go along with the intelligent, chess-playing, tea-loving, chatty white tiger I have already special ordered.