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From now through all eternity
I rest in what Christ did for me:
He sacrificed His dignity
To pay for my eternity.
He gave His all for all to see
The depth of His great love for me
And now I pray to always be
At rest in God’s great care for me.
On Judgment Day my plea will be:
“I rest in what Christ did for me.”

I pray that all the world will see
Christ paid for their eternity –
He did not die for only me
But, too, for all humanity.
Rejecting what He did would be
An act of pure hypocrisy:
He loves a world which does not see
Its sin and vile impurity;
Yet loves and prays perpetually
Before it is too late they’ll see
He gave in perpetuity
A life-long choice of where to be –
Perhaps where they His face will see.
Will you not, too, rest there with me?

by Gwennon
May 22, 2013

I must admit to you that I was a bit reluctant to post this poem as it has a simple AA rhyme scheme throughout, and in my whole portfolio, I have only one other poem following this pattern.  I posted that other poem (“Broken”) just a couple of weeks ago, and I worried that posting two such similar poems so close together would be a bit redundant.  But I love the message of this poem, and so decided to go ahead.

Praying for God to bless you today,