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The chocolate on the countertop
Has disappeared, I fear:
The dogs who shouldn’t eat it
Also currently aren’t near.

Now, is it just coincidence
They disappeared from there?
Or is it true my doggie-loves
Have something they should share?

They turn their guilty eyes from mine
And will not tell me why.
But thought they cannot speak the truth,
They truly cannot lie.

I tell them it’s not good for them,
Plus, stealing is a sin!
But, if my kids don’t listen,
It may happen soon again.

For foods left on the counters
Are a constant, daily trial:
A testimony of
My kids’ and dog’s weak self denial.

The kids need help here cleaning –
And the doggies do not mind.
When kids forget, the dogs will eat
Whatever they may find.

by Gwennon
June 25, 2013

This poem is actually a true story and is one of the reasons I have given myself a pen-name in these writings. If anyone who knows my kids reads these writings, the kids won’t have to be embarrassed. Of course, the dogs probably don’t care what I write about them: shameless creatures! Well, you gotta love ‘em!

I should also mention that we are all improving our cleaning habits, so poems like this should become a distant memory soon.

Praying for you to find the humor in your difficulties,