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What if God’s goodness
Is only a loan:
A perk we enjoy here,
But not yet our own?
What will we do
If the joys we have known
Are just a small piece
Of a heavenly loan?

What will we do
If this beautiful gift
Shows its impermanence,
Then simply slips
Out of our hands
When this known life is ripped
Back to show true life:
Eternity’s shift?

What if we find that
The choices we’ve made
Are endlessly
For all creation displayed?
What if you find that
Your choices were wrong?
Eternity’s long, Friend:
Eternally long!
Eternity’s long, Friend,
Please do not choose wrong!!

by Gwennon
June 26, 2013

This was written this morning at 6:15 after a brief, but on my part sorrowful and very concerning, exchange yesterday with another writer with a different world view. Of course, “a man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still” and what I write here may not change that. But I pray that it may. Oh, how I pray that it may!

Praying that your choices bless you eternally,