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May the Lord give you joy
Give you joy
Give you joy!
May the Lord give you great, great joy
To carry you today!

May the Lord give you joy
Give you joy
Give you joy!
May the Lord give the kind of joy
This world can’t take away!

May His peace fill your heart!
May it never depart!
May His peace and His joy
And His love find you today!

May God rescue from fears!
May He dry all your tears!
May God show you today
His great love won’t fade away!

by Gwennon
June 25, 2013

This is actually a song.
The words were singing in my head as I wrote it.
It is such a joyful song!

As soon as I finished capturing these words this morning, I ran to the piano to work out the melody. It will be a beautiful song for piano or harp when I am finished with it and will probably drive me to force myself into the dreaded “note-capture” I usually try to avoid at all costs. But I need to start writing down my songs before they are lost. This one starts off in 2/2 time on an upbeat: do, re, MI, mi, so, LA, so, mi,LA, so, mi, RE; do, re, MI, mi, so, LA, so, mi, re, MI, do, re, ti, DO. That ought to give you the general idea. If y’all want to pray for me as I work on this, let me tell you this WILL NOT hurt my feelings at all!

Oh, and later today, I plan to post a second poem (another blessing poem – don’t you think the world generally runs a blessing deficit, but at the same time a cursing overage? Re: James 3:10 – or, more accurately, James 3:8-10) that wrote itself on the coattails of this first one. It will use the same tune if any of you want to sing it.

Praying for God to bless you richly today,