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for Holly

Behold my tears as broken I lie down.
Renew me, LORD, so I can smile again.
Omniscient One Who offers me a crown,
Kind-hearted Friend, complete what You began.
Exalted King, I need You all my days.
No more in sorrows will my spirits steep:
Today I lift my sacrifice of praise,
Rebuilding faith that used to be so deep.
Eradicate the worries that compete
Against Your words of life within my heart!
Secure to me Your promises complete.
Uplift me to the safety of Your arms:
Removed from every earthly sorrow past:
Eternally restored—and whole at last.

by Gwennon
April 20, 2007

Written during a Beth Moore Bible study on the life of Daniel, and dedicated to a friend whom I knew to be struggling at that time.

P.S.  I want to apologize for not posting anything Friday.  I was sick that day and did not accomplish much materially.  Sigh.