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When life gets hard, I give my dad a call.
How kindly he will listen to my cares.
Effectively, he listens, giving all.
No matter what, he gladly offers prayers.
Denying self, he proves himself a friend:
Agreeing that the LORD knows what we need,
Devotedly, petitions he will send –
Daddy never fails to intercede.
Your prayers have often proved to be a boon.
Protecting loved ones even from afar,
Regardless of the circumstance, he prays.
Astonishing results may happen soon.
Yes, many, many times the problems are
Successfully resolved – Give God the praise!

by Gwennon 2007

Thanks to my second mom and to several friends at the church back home, this was my Father’s Day gift to my dad in 2007. When he went to church and picked up his church bulletin, this poem was on the front page, complete with his name on it. I’m afraid all other Father’s Day gifts I have for him will fall flat after this.