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Well, I never meant for this to happen,
But when the others left me all alone
To look for them, all of a sudden,
As I turned the corner, a xylophone
Display caught my eye, and I could not help
But pick up the mallets waiting for me
To tap out melodies, and I could tell
That this rich, deep, sweet music therapy
Would be just right, played at the hospital,
Or for the patients in the nursing home –
I could not help but stop, and dream, enthralled,
While my husband and our four children roamed
Until they finally found me parked there,
Of all the other instruments completely unaware.

by Gwennon
July 16, 2008

Notice the extra syllables in the last line, corresponding to the increasing heartbeat at the end.

The object of my attention was a gorgeous dark-wood xylophone with a low, deep vibration that carried well, yet was not terribly loud.  I told my husband that it would make a great birthday gift someday.  : )