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 Expected to say something right away
 Regarding statements that demand response,
 I find the strong desire to run away,
 Convinced I have a truth that no one wants.
 Offending people unprepared to hear
 Untimely challenges to their own views
 Leads discord into circles far and near.
 Devotion to their feelings – and the truth —
 Now calls for a solution. – What to choose?
 Oppressive is the careless use of words!
 Today I neither friends nor truth abuse.
 Sufficient is a phrase you may have heard:
 Accompanied by twinges of dismay:
You know, (ahem!) I really could not say!”

by Gwennon
August 17, 2008

My friend “Della” and her family have a family phrase: “Just let ‘em be wrong!” which means you don’t waste time or energy arguing with someone whose mind is set. Wish I’d heard that phrase about 20 years earlier than I did!

Honestly, though, you would be surprised how handy the last sentence of the poem is in sensitive or testy situations where you just can’t win.

Praying for God to bless you in every part of your life,