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Two little pairs of sweet brown eyes
Want all my hugs today.
I have to share there equally
If they’re to have their way:
I cannot give “more” hugs to one
And leave the other “out”
Without a lot of push and shove
To see what I’m about:
A grievous and lonely tug-of-war
Is what I have begun,
As two frantic dogs keep vying for
A lap built just for one!

by Gwennon

May 22, 2013

Please note the extra syllables,
Corresponding to the accelerating pace,
In the last three lines.

Normally, I plan to post an acrostic sonnet on Monday mornings.  However, these take some time to write, and most of my acrostics were written on a much older, crankier computer.  I’ll have to look one of these up then type it up on this new computer.  So, for convenience’ sake (my own, that is), I am giving you a newer, already-typeset poem for now.  After I have tackled larger mountains of dishes and laundry, plus fed, watered, and walked our doggie-loves, I’ll get back to the computer.

Right now, I need to wake up “Cedric” and take him on his first walk of the day.  Oh, if y’all haven’t been reading Cedric’s stories on my alternative blog: specialcreationwoman.wordpress.com, let me just say you are in for a treat.

Well (to the tune of “We’re off to see the wizard!”), I’m off to walk some doggies!  See you later,