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I did not decide to do it,
I have much more sense than this!
But, until I thought it over,
I was racing o’er a cliff:

I had thought to leave a snackie
For the paper-boy, you see,
Since he always was so faithful
In his news delivery.

But the snackie was a cookie,
And the drop-off point was dark.
If I left it overnight there,
It might never reach its mark.

‘Cause some wild things congregated
In our yards while we all slept.
Hidden snackies left for newsboys
Might be secrets not well-kept!

What if I should leave a cookie
For a predator to find,
And it ended in disaster,
True “insanity” defined?

With a great imagination
I could think one step ahead,
So that stuff like this won’t happen,
At least, not outside my head!

Well, I thought then how a grizzly
Might surprise me after hours,
And, unaided, I might find myself
A victim of his powers:

What if he should find the cookie
That I left for someone else?
Then he wanted extra servings
When I had no more snacks left??

As I meditated on this,
It appeared it wasn’t wise
Leaving extra special cookies
To become a bear surprise!

Thinking longer, it appeared then
That to save myself and mine,
I could not share homemade cookies,
Though they truly were divine.

Lots of bad things tend to happen
When a person’s unaware:
Special cookies send out signals
That invite in hungry bears.

AND, if you give a bear a cookie,
And he thinks it’s not enough,
He could get a little grumpy
And begin to treat you rough.

If he thinks you should be sharing
More than you’re prepared to give
He might then become despairing
And decide not to forgive.

When you make a big bear mad
He may try to pay you back,
Well, then, don’t share to begin with,
And your life will stay on track.

So, to fend off hidden dangers
Of a hungry bear attack,
I decided not to share there
Chocolate chip and oatmeal snacks.

My big plans to share a cookie
Were discarded in the end.
Cookie-sharing is for indoors,
And on that you may depend!

by Gwennon
August 22, 2012

And that’s my true confession on why the paper deliverer was not paid in cookies.

Can anyone see this as a children’s book?