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These flowers from the grocery store
A journey made, but neither far:
The first for Mother – for her grave –
So many years from this life gone;
The second for the mom who came
And gently helped me carry on;
Not quite enough to celebrate
The love I have for each of them,
But just enough my grief to sate,
Commemorating now and then,
Mixing pain and joy in tears
For these who shaped my heart and years.

by Gwennon
July 28, 2008

When I was 23, just after my daughter was 2 months old and we had traveled twice to Texas to visit my parents and show off our sweet little Lizzie, my first mother died, after a very long struggle with cancer.

On Lizzie’s second birthday, my dad married a wonderful woman who has loved my brother and me as if we had been her own flesh and blood. She has truly been a gift from God.

Praying for God to meet you in your pain,